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Floor tiles with a natural stone design for your cosy ambience

A floor designed with natural stone floor tiles forms the perfect symbiosis of industrially produced materials with the naturalness of real stone. On the surface, you can see the coloured pattern of wood or marble, at the same time the floor tiles in natural stone design are very robust, easy to maintain and suitable for all rooms in your business or home. On this page, you can learn more about the possibilities of exclusive interior decoration with floor tiles in natural stone design.


Give your rooms a natural flair

A glance at our range of floor tiles with natural stone design shows what first-class effect you can achieve with them. At this point we would like to give you an impression of our product range:


Floor tiles with marble design

Marble is a very expensive and exclusive material that gives a room an exclusive flair. The typical cloud structure is artificially modeled so that the floor tiles in marble design at first glance cannot be distinguished from a real marble floor. They are much easier to maintain than natural material and also more robust because marble is by nature a very soft stone.


Matt or polished floor tiles

With us, you have the choice of whether you want to integrate floor tiles in natural stone design with a matt or a polished surface into your rooms. The matt surface highlights the natural features and is easier to maintain, the polished surface looks more elegant and is suitable for rooms where more elegance is required.


Floor tiles in various colour nuances

In our shop, you will find a matching colour nuance to match your interior. Find floor tiles with a natural stone design with a brownish, white or silvery shade.


Floor tiles with a natural stone look from renowned manufacturers from Germany, Spain and Italy

We source our floor tiles with a natural stone design from renowned manufacturers in Spain, Italy and Germany. We are able to offer you our products at a very good price-performance ratio due to the elimination of middlemen in our transactions with followers. Floor tiles with natural stone design in large format are particularly trendy. Individual desired formats are possible on request.


Our floor tiles in natural stone design, we have in the following dimensions in stock:

- Floor tiles 30x60 cm

- Floor tiles 60x60 cm

- Floor tiles 75x75 cm

- Floor tiles 80x80 cm

- Floor tiles 120x60 cm

- Floor tiles 100x100 cm