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Natural stone mosaic


Visual highlights with natural stone mosaic

Natural stones have an unique character and inspire the creativity

Already in the ancient world, people embellish their home with mosaic. This creative possibility of embellishment has been keeping until today and became a real trend.


Colorful variety and creative scope for design

There are nearly countless possibilities for visual highlights with natural stone mosaic. Marble, granite and sandstone are the most preferred materials. Additionally, chalkstone, basalt or slate are really admired, too. The color selection is also difficult: As a result of the different materials, which are used in a mosaic, the color selection is various. Starting with a jazzy red, over a cold blue to a natural brown is everything possible.


Nature mosaic for every area

You are creative and full of ideas? In this case, nature mosaic is perfect for you. There are rectangular and square mosaics as closer or as sticks, as well as the so-called roman pattern. Even with special materials like glass and metal is nature mosaic combinable and gets a further individuality.


Embellish your premises with us

We offer you a large assortment of mosaic made of natural stones. Thereby, we have a great proposition of different materials, so you can allow your ideas and inspiration full bent. Instead of intermediaries, we are getting our assortment directly from the manufacturer. Fast. Inexpensive. Near! So you can make sure, both price and quality are good.