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Quartz composite tiles for bathroom and kitchen

Elegant look, yet robust and functional at the same time - this is how the bathroom and kitchen should be decorated.

Quartz composite tiles combine functionality with elegance and fulfil small and large design wishes.

Quartz composite is ideal for your bathroom, washbasins, tubs, windowsills, kitchen or floor. Versatility guaranteed! Quartz composite tiles are the perfect material for hygienically sensitive areas because their smooth and dense surface prevents grease and bacteria from accumulating. They do not need to be waterproofed or waxed and are easy to maintain. Acid stable, odourless and impact resistant, quartz composite tiles are ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms. A material that leaves nothing to be desired!

Quartz composite tiles give your ideas the right shape

The most unusual living ideas can be staged with this easily mouldable material. The colour scheme can be completely tailored to your wishes because there is another advantage over natural stone: Individual colour designs can be produced by adding optional additives. On request, it is even possible to combine natural stone with quartz composite tiles - this considerably expands the range of design options even further. Quartz composite tiles contain the properties of natural stone, but can be handled much more flexibly. And they are therefore an all-round talent when it comes to home and garden design.

Talk to us about your ideas

Quartz composite tiles are ingeniously simple and ingeniously versatile in their range of application. You can choose from exclusive and rare colours. We provide the perfect cut. You can browse through our wide collection without obligation until you have found the right one. You can then discuss your design ideas with our experienced staff, who will work with you to plan the practical implementation of your design proposals. We are at your disposal at any time. Contact us, we look forward to your call!