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Granite Impala


Granite Impala - unique

If you want to gain from the gallant characteristics of granite, the Impala Granit will be the best choice. Convince yourself!

Who decides for granite, can notoriously be sure to get a quintessentially exclusive design, that gives each room an aura of something royal. When you already have played with the thought, to get such material, then you should risk an eye at our huge assortment, where you can find the versions of Granite Impala. A jewel in the midst of the natural stones!


The unique look of Impala Granite

The mostly dark design shines because of some decent highlights inside, that reflects the incoming light in different directions. Impala Granite is good for big areas, but also on more little elements, so you can allow your fantasy full bent. In the end, it is your choice, if you want to use these exemplars of Impala Granite as a stone plate or use it in another way. With us, you get the choice to let the materials be customized in your individual wishes, where the delivery happens in less working days. So you can start working shortly after your order. Whether countertop, floor tiles, wall decoration or windows sill: Impala Granite is an allrounder!


Attractive accents because of the highest quality

Who wants to embellish his own home, sometimes invest many thousand Euro to get building material. An expensive investment, that should be thought about very well! All the more important is the choice of a professional contractor, who accompany you on your path to the dream home! Ninos Naturstein & Fliesen offers an huge assortment and a fast logistics structure short ways and the best consulting on your way to your dream stone. Compared with other contractors, we distinguish ourselves because of our cooperation with the producers in the quarries. That eases us our work – you get a lower price. Go for it – we are looking forward to hear from you.

Nero Impala Afrika Granite Tiles polished Premium quality in 61x30,5x1 cm
Granite Tiles: 61x30,5x1 cm | Surface: Polished

Content: 1.12 m2 (€66.90* / 1 m2)

Nero Impala Afrika Natural stone worktops