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Granite tiles satinized


Granit tiles satinized: delicate, pretty, carefree

Who bets on satinized granite tiles, decides for a long-living option to edit. That’s because satinized granit tiles are one of the most timeless and precious natural material, what you could use in your living area. Granite tiles are representative and give your living ambience a special atmosphere. Especially, they convince with their enormous durability, which already have outlasted many thousand years.


A stone for every case: Granite tiles satinized

Granite tiles are useful, where it comes down to a surfacing, what is durable and a stable value. No matter if as tiles for the inside are, elegant accents on the wall, in the bathroom or as a tough worktop in the kitchen: Granite tiles satinized are a uniqueness in every household. Especially in the kitchen the natural stone is perfectly used. It isn’t only resistant against heat, it is also acid proof, cut-resistant, scratch-proof and very easy to clean. The worktop makes for a top hygienic and optical appealing atmosphere in your kitchen.


Granite tiles satinized, flamed or sanded?

The ancient natural stone could get processed in different possibilities. Sanded granite tiles get darker than satinized or flamed granite tiles. Depending on the grain of the abrasive material, the result could be a dull or silky surface. Polished granite tiles score with a strong apathy. Especially against dirt is the stone perfectly protected. Who is interested in a patinized or flamed version, whose granite tiles are sanded as long as a velvet surface accrues. Before that, the stone’s surface gets flamed.


Granite tiles satinized: Carefree and effective for a cheap price

If granite tiles should get satinized, they’ll get edited with a rough contact brush. Because of that, the surface rips a little bit, what gets milled afterwards. Satinized surfaces are very carefree and a little bit more uneven than sanded stones. This effect is surely wanted!

Granit tiles satinized are in an huge assortment at Ninos Naturstein & Fliesen. In our big warehouse in Gronau are various satinized granite tiles available. Fast deliverable. Cheap. And the most important thing: In the best quality! Don’t be shy to ask us, we are looking forward to hear of you.  


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