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Tiles Reserve - highest quality at low prices

Are you looking for the perfect tile for your living room? Or is it the bathroom that requires a new look? Perhaps you also want to do something for your outdoor area? Wherever you have a renovation project in mind, in our Tiles Reserve you will certainly find a tile that corresponds to your ideas and is suitable for your next project.


Tiles of all kinds can be found cheaply in our Tiles Reserve

Whether it should be granite tiles, or you prefer another stone, is of course first of all a question of taste. And this is as individual as our tile selections. From stylish wall tiles in white or another light colour to just as practical as high-quality floor tiles in black or dark tones, the selection in our category for Tiles Reserve is huge. You will also find porcelain stoneware floor tiles, floor tiles in wood finish or in slate finish and wall tiles in the most impressive patterns and shades. Even mosaics can be among the remaining stock. We recommend that you take a regular look at this category so that you don't miss a particularly good offer.


High quality at the best possible prices

The fact that the purchase of our Tiles Reserve, whether white tiles, black tiles or any other shade, usually comes with a significant price saving, does not mean of course that you must do without the usual quality of Ninos Naturstein & Fliesen. Here you will find many more genuine bargains of the highest tile quality. Take a look at our stock. You will quickly notice that it has never been harder to decide. Whether high-quality granite tile, floor tile in different colours or wall tile in the most refined shades and patterns. And if you just can't find what you're looking for, come again. Our range of Tiles Reserve is constantly changing. And even if you may not have been interested in anything today, you might find something tomorrow.