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Wall tiles high gloss


Wall tiles high gloss: The perfect wall design with unique tiles


All imaginable rooms can be designed uniquely with high-gloss wall tiles.

Long gone are the days when high-gloss wall tiles were avoided due to their costly care. It was not uncommon to claim that water droplets were quickly recognizable and that care strips remained visible for a long time. But the development shows that today's wall tiles are high-gloss low-maintenance and unmistakable.

For this reason, high-gloss wall tiles can be installed in any room. They can be selected for the house, but also for the converted garden shed or garage.


The advantages of high-gloss tiles

Such tiles lend a certain charm to every room. If they are adapted to the other furnishings, each room will shine in a very special light. This is because high-gloss tiles are always more vibrant than matte tiles or stone products and thus reflect a completely different character.


Your design options

Depending on your preference, the high gloss wall tiles can also be purchased with pictorial details. Thus, individual images can be placed on the wall tiles, which further enhance the character of the house. Since wall tiles are a long-term investment, this is a great way to capture your lifestyle on the wall..


High gloss wall tiles from a specialist

If you are also interested in corresponding wall tiles, then you have come to the right place at Ninos Naturstein & Fliesen. Because we offer you a versatile selection of cheap and high-quality natural stones. The tiles are cut to size according to individual requirements. Once the order has been placed, we will send you the goods within the shortest possible time. Since you purchase the products directly from us, higher costs through middlemen are omitted. Our products are characterized by exclusive and rare colours and also our many years of experience is reflected in our customer satisfaction.

So contact us today - you will be delighted with our products and our service!