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Granite mosaic

Creative design with granite mosaic

It’s been many hundreds of years, that humans discovered design possibilities that are results of granite mosaic. Whether playful or gallant, Mediterranean, warm, cold, black-white or gaudy: Today, granite mosaic is varied than ever. The beginning were marble stones, that one used for the first stone mosaics. Meanwhile, the number of possibilities gets that much higher, that other material could also be used for that purpose. Mainly natural stones are used for that. For example slate, quartz, chalkstone or travertine can achieve very pretty effects.


The advantages of granite mosaic

Granite mosaic offers seductive advantages compared to other natural stones. Besides its long-living, it excels in being extremely durable and tough. High claim does not damage it in any way! Granite mosaic is available in many design versions – polished or burnished or rough. Also the forms are very different: From closer mosaics to squares, rectangles or octagons, every room can be embellished in an individual way.


Granite mosaic for bringing out the main points

Apropos: You can tile a whole room with granite mosaic, but set also individual accents. For example, with a granite mosaic trim you can give a room a wonderful new component. Who places importance on special material, can combine granite mosaics with other natural materials like glass – or metal mosaics, too.


Laying of granite mosaic

Granite mosaic is processed like normal granite. To cut, lay, grout – the principle of design possibilities stays the same one every time. At Ninos Naturstein & Fliesen you gain something decisive with the huge assortment of granite mosaic: Extremely good prices, combined with absolute premium-quality of our products! The high-quality granite mosaic is delivered to us directly from the natural stone quarries. Guaranteed controlled. Guaranteed good. Try it out!