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Noble and charming: the granite windowsill

Whether as a location for plants, beautiful decoration or as a convenient armrest for chatting with the neighbors: window sills are an integral part of every house construction and as individual accentuators ensure attractive design possibilities in every property. Particularly effective and high quality is the granite windowsill.

Possible combinations and care

Combined with the right floor or wall tiles, the Granit Fensterbank combines easy-care functionality with great aesthetics for the eye. In addition, the granite windowsill is very insensitive to heavy use, moisture and chemical treatment. The more one pays attention to a good and material-appropriate care, the longer the seductive shine of the precious natural stone remains. You do not need to worry about water spots!

Whether inside or outside, your granite windowsill is guaranteed to remain chic and elegant. Rain, storm or ice: The millions of years old natural stone is robust enough to meet the demands of everyday life.

Get uniqueness home

Typical of the granite windowsill is the unique play of colors of natural stone, which is truly unique and unique in each stone section. This brings you the special home! The granite windowsill is available in many shades of red, blue, beige, gray and noble black. Ninos Natural Stone & Tiles cuts your granite windowsill to the millimeter and takes you directly to your home within two to four working days. Let yourself be inspired by the endless possibilities ...