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Kashmir Gold Granite

Smooth colors and spirited texture: Kashmir Gold Granite

Directly a warm atmosphere with Kashmir Gold Granite

The Kashmir Gold Granite is from India and a very special natural stone. Especially, its gallant and unique color makes this stone popular. At this, Kashmir Gold Granite can be used in sundry areas. It looks in the kitchen at good as in the bath, the living room or in the outdoor area.

This natural stone belongs to the group of the granulite and is very close-grained. It gathers water easily and is often compared to the original granite. With a good impregnation, you can use Kashmir Gold Granite in every room. Especially in the kitchen, this stone is going to shine and result in a nice countertop.


Kashmir Gold Granite – The dream of a stone

The highlight of this natural stone is of course its surface. It is grained smoothly. The color varied between decent beige to red-brown and raspberry-colored dashes. These dashes are out of granite and sparkle wonderful. Additionally, the stone appeals very spirited and exciting. Especially in bright rooms can an area out of this natural stone be a highlight. In this way, you set warm accents. In dark rooms, a floor out of Kashmir Gold Granite results in a welcome antipol.


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Definitely, you are going to be beguiled because of this unique natural stone and can’t wait to test it in your own home. We would like to help you. Ninos Naturstein & Fliesen offers a huge assortment with different natural stones and tiles. Our focus is on granite. Our stones come directly from India, China or Spain. In this way, we save us intermediaries. That means for you: High quality for low prices! The delivery of our natural stones happens fast and cheap! We like to customize the stones with your wishes. What sizes do you need?

New Kashmir Gold Granite Tiles polished Premium quality in 61x30,5x1 cm
Granite Tiles: 61x30,5x1 cm | Surface: Polished

Content: 1.12 m2 (€54.90* / 1 m2)

Variants from €54.90*
New Kashmir Gold Natural stone worktops