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Granite Kashmir White

The natural stone Granite Kashmir White – a touch of luxury for every style of living

Timeless elegance and natural beauty inspire a variety of design possibilities

The natural stone Granite Kashmir White can be used for many areas at home and individually adapts to every style of living.

Natural elements in the living area

Granite formed when the hot core of the earth cooled down. Granulites are a type of stone that arises from other stone after exposure to various influences. While granite is very abundant, granulites are rare. Granite Kashmir White is a granulite stone from India. Its name stands not only for the colour but also for the exclusivity. Because it is a natural product, each stone is unique and permanently elevates the beauty of your home. We are happy to help you choose the right product from our varied assortment.


An investment for life

The advantages of the granulite Granite Kashmir White are obvious. Durable and easy to maintain it can be integrated into many living areas. Due to its almost white color, reflecting the light in a pleasant way, it will give rooms a bright and friendly appearance. Insensitive and weather resistant, Granite Kashmir White terrace flooring creates a stylish transition between the indoors and outdoors. The high quality tiles adorn floors as well as walls. There are no limits to your creativity. Even as an edging or inset into other floorings, Granite Kashmir White elevates the ambience of the room. Because of our years of experience and tailoring of the stone to your individual requirements, we will make your dream home come true. We deliver fast and reliably, directly from the manufacturer, affordable and high-quality natural stone from India, China and Spain.


The realisation of your wishes

Your home reflects your lifestyle. Whatever your needs, you can make it come true. Whatever your preferences, with us you have a competent partner. Your home will turn into a refuge for your family, the meeting place for your friends: your personal style of living can be realised. Granite Kashmir White tiles create a pleasant atmosphere. The natural material is non-allergenic, classy and neutral as a floor tile for indoors and outdoors, and decorative and hygienic in the bathroom. Let yourself be surprised by its versatility. We are happy to help you.

New Kashmir White Granite Tiles polished Premium quality in 61x30,5x1 cm
Size: 61x30,5x1 cm | Surface: Polished

Content: 1.12 m2 (€54.90* / 1 m2)

Variants from €51.90*
New Kashmir White Natural stone worktops