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Granite fillets


Decent and pretty: Granite fillets embellish every living area

Whether for footways, wall facing or borders: Granite fillets bring out the main points, where you want it! Your ideas and imagination are nearly unlimited, because Ninos Naturstein & Fliesen offers granite fillets in the wished customization and every color – and form variations are always available.


Granite fillets as wall facing

Granite fillets are really popular for wall facing. Whether in the garden, on the terrace, behind the fireplace or for an optic dstinguish between living – and couch area: Granite fillets could bring out the main points as little wall stones in a natural way.  In contrary to the ready-to-use wall facing, you can realize your own creative ideas with your self-designed filets and gear them to your interior.


Extreme long-living, extreme tough: Granit fillets last eternally

Granite offers also other advantages, what should have an effect on your decision for or against granite fillets: The natural stone convince with its high resistant of material, an enormous toughness and an extreme long-living. You don’t have to think about signs of wear.

The rough crystallin stone is available in many different color variations at Ninos Naturstein & Fliesen. Whether in red or brown, grey or black: Our granite fillets adjust perfectly to every living situation and sets optic charms in every home. We offer our granite fillets in total premium-quality to a premium price, because of our order directly from the producer. In quarries in Italy, Spain, India and China, the high-quality granite is gained, locally, it gets checked by an independent surveyor and after that, delivered directly to us. When will the granite arrives at your home?