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Tiles made of natural stone – all-rounder for the perfect home ambience

The use of natural stone can create
a very special ambience

They are more popular now than ever before: tiles made of natural stone. It seems almost not to play any role whether it is granite, slate, marble or limestone. Of course, every type of stone has its own characteristics, its own charisma and effect, and has its own requirements for processing and care. However, one thing they all have in common: every natural stone tile creates an atmosphere as cosy and pleasant as only a natural product can produce it.

Natural stone tiles for the living area

Tiles made of natural stone are perfect as a floor covering in the living area. Products of natural stone are generally warmer than other types of tiles, which minimizes the sensation of a cold stone floor. In addition, natural stone such as limestone and slate warm up relatively quickly and are good conductors of heat. This is of special interest, if you heat your rooms with underfloor heating.

Nowadays, tiles made of natural stone are often used as well as wall cladding. Wallpapers are a relic of the past. What is important today is a great look, individuality, and just that certain something; something you can treat yourself to with a natural stone wall. The advantages are the easy maintenance, the durability, and the fact that natural stone has far better insulating properties than wallpaper.

Natural stone tiles in the bathroom – enjoy the exceptional

A bathroom has to be practical and not livable? That is one way to look at it and not a very modern one. While in the past, a bathroom was the place for the necessary bodily hygiene, modern bathrooms often resemble small spas. Indeed, this effect is generated mainly by the right choice of wall and floor tiles. A natural stone in warm earthy tones for example, can work wonders in creating atmosphere and ambience. However, you have to be careful: bathroom walls and floors always are constantly exposed to direct wetness and increased humidity. Based on our years of experience and close cooperation with the manufacturers, we can of course provide you with everything you need to know about the care for and the composition of your selected stone. Therefore, please get all the necessary information from our Ninos Naturstein & Fliesen web site before making a decision on which natural stone it should be for your bathroom.

Take a look into the wonderful world of natural stone tiles today and convince yourself of our wide range and excellent value for money.