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Slate floor tiles


New ambience with slate floor tiles

With natural stones a completely personal and creative organization of your living spaces is possible.

Through the most different surface treatments. the natural stone slate is either pre-treated or finished for a certain purpose. Ground, cut or highly polished, the final product of the slate floor tile reflects the whole elegance. As artistic design elements, slate floor tiles are also popular for outdoor use, as they are frost-resistant in contrast to porous stones. What works for you?


Material combinations are very trendy

Slate floor tiles can be combined with almost all materials. Natural stone with wood, slate with aluminium, stone with glass or iron, sometimes even everything together. Only slate with plastic would seem unaesthetic for many. That does not fit in with the noble and elegant look of slate.

Natural stone is the latest trend

Slate is created by nature and each slate is unique and tells its own story. Depending on the country of origin, the slate differs in its surface structure, properties and composition. This gives each room its own unique and unmistakable flair. Wonderful!

Let your creativity inspire you when installing the tiles

There are almost no limits to creativity when it comes to installation itself. Slate floor tiles can be laid in a wide variety of parquet patterns up to mosaics in every imaginable artistic variation. In addition to an unusual, very elegant floor covering, Ninos Naturstein & Fliesen offers you a high-quality natural product at a fantastic price. You benefit from our love for natural stone and from our many years of experience with high-quality floor tiles. What more do you want?

Tips and tricks around slate floor tiles

Before laying the floor tiles, wash them well on both sides so that no dust or dirt sticks to the tile. Place the slate tiles in the adhesive bed and gently press the tiles into place. When grouting, only work in sections so that the grout cannot discolour the tiles. You should clean immediately after grouting. After drying, clean the entire floor with a slate maintenance oil. We will be happy to advise you on your individual questions. Just give us a call!

Basaltina SlateTiles Premium quality in 60x30x1 cm

Content: 1.08 m2 (€99.95* / 1 m2)

Green SlateTiles Premium quality in 60x30x1 cm

Content: 1.08 m2 (€42.95* / 1 m2)

Mustang Black SlateTiles Premium quality in 60x30x1 cm

Content: 1.08 m2 (€19.95* / 1 m2)

Porto SlateTiles Premium quality in 60x30x1 cm

Content: 1.08 m2 (€46.90* / 1 m2)