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Porcelain stoneware


Porcelain stoneware: Strong tiles. Strong advantages.

One thing is clear: anyone looking for the right product at Ninos Naturstein & Fliesen is looking for a stable foundation in everyday life. Something that supports everything and everyone effortlessly. Which can sometimes withstand something. And which is also beautiful to look at.

Elegance and robustness come together in porcelain stoneware tiles. The special thing about them: Unlike comparable natural stone tiles, these are not extracted in the quarry, but are produced mechanically. In this centuries-old process, ceramic raw materials such as feldspars or quartz are first pressed into shape. The blanks are then placed in the roller kiln and fired at temperatures of up to 1300°C. The ceramic raw materials are then pressed into the mould. Extremely high pressure and high heat - these are the forces responsible for the practical properties of porcelain stoneware: for example, chemical resistance, breaking strength or high load-bearing capacity.

A wide range of design options

The great thing about porcelain stoneware: during production it is possible to incorporate various decors into the tiles without any problems. A look at the online shop of Ninos Naturstein & Fliesen immediately reveals that no two porcelain stoneware tiles are alike. Sandy surfaces, grooves like in wood, shades and grains are only a few examples of the countless design possibilities of porcelain stoneware. For those who want to live creatively and representatively, porcelain stoneware tiles are an attractive and comfortable solution.

Traditionally seen outdoors

Only one question remains: Where to put the porcelain stoneware? Traditionally, such tiles are used on terraces and in gardens. The reason for this is the low water absorption of porcelain stoneware. That's why even frost cannot harm the terrace tiles. Furthermore, porcelain stoneware is often laid in bathrooms and showers, as it is not only water-repellent, but also slip-resistant. Due to its favourable wear properties, however, porcelain stoneware is also often used in public and heavily used areas.

The trend at the moment: porcelain stoneware on the wall! Expertly laid, this wall covering in an appealing design lends every room a noble coat of paint. But the installation of porcelain stoneware tiles is also conceivable in the rest of the house. The good thing about them is that their excellent properties make them particularly easy to clean. Nevertheless, a precautionary protective treatment is recommended to prevent grease, oil or wax from penetrating the stone. Nothing can go wrong anymore!