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Glass mosaic tiles

Are you looking for glass mosaic tiles that will give your house an extra sense of elegance? Then glass mosaic is an ideal way to give the room in question a major makeover. At Ninos Natuursteen you have come to the right place! We have various glass mosaic floor tiles in stock. However, our tiles are not like the ones you often encounter. The tiles of Ninos Natuursteen are, as you can guess, made of natural stone. Natural stone is strong in material and is ideal for tiling your kitchen or bathroom! Ninos Natuursteen offers you the most diverse types of natural stone. All tiles are of sublime quality and provide a modern look in your interior. The glass mosaic tiles are carefully selected by us and are available in many different colours and sizes. Do you already have something beautiful in mind?


Stylish and Bright

Compared to the standard tiles, mosaic, especially glass mosaic, is a much more cheerful variant for decorating floors or walls. Glass mosaics are probably the most stylish of all mosaics. The gloss of these tiles creates a very modern look in your bathroom or kitchen, for example. The choice of colour partly determines the feeling of the room. Dark colours create a more elegant atmosphere, while lighter colours such as blue and brown create a more cheerful effect in the room. Of course, you can also choose to combine these styles because with mosaics you can let your creativity run free.


Available in mats

Of course, you don't have to fear that you have to lay down or stick on each mosaic tile separately. At Ninos Natuursteen we also supply mats, which makes it a lot easier to fix the tiles. This is also the case with glass mosaics. However, it can still be a rather complicated job to carefully remove these mosaic tiles. For advice, you can always contact the experts at Ninos Natuursteen. They will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.


Cheap glass mosaic

Anyone who sees these elegant mosaic tiles will be stunned when the price tag is displayed. For such quality, a very favourable price is required. With many other suppliers, you pay more for such quality, but that is not the case here. On this site, you will find all the information you need to make a well-considered decision about which glass mosaic tiles are best for your home. Here you can clearly see which tiles are available and in which colour and size the tiles and mats can be supplied.


About Ninos Natuursteen

At Ninos Natuursteen you will find the most diverse and unique types of natural stone. Are you looking for mosaic tiles, countertops made of natural stone or stone strips? With us, you will find it all! Ninos Natuursteen always guarantees you the best quality natural stone. We have a showroom of 600m² where you can see all our products and a huge stock of 25000m². Ninos Natuursteen is located in Essen and Gronau (Westphalia). So you can easily reach us. Or would you rather have your order shipped? That is certainly possible! Ninos Natuursteen uses various shipping costs.

These costs depend on the number of kg of natural stone in your order and in which country you reside. If you need help or advice on how to choose the ideal remaining tiles for you, you can always request a telephone consultation. Ninos Natuursteen will be happy to answer any questions you may have!


Why mosaic tiles at Ninos Natuursteen?

The marble floor tiles of Ninos Natuursteen are all of excellent quality! If you place an order with us, we will make sure that your products are delivered to your home quickly. This can be within a few days. Ninos Natuursteen offers you competitive prices and the most beautiful types of natural stone! Discover it for yourself!


Place your order today!

Have you been able to find mosaic tiles that you absolutely love and want to place as soon as possible? Order your tiles today at Ninos Natuursteen! Or do you still have questions about our products? Then please contact us. Ninos Natuursteen is happy to assist you!