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Multicolor Red


Multicolour Red - a first-class look

With the tiles or even larger areas of Multicolour Red Granite, you can easily create eye-catching items in your own home, which you will certainly not want to do without from this point on!

Are you a clear advocate of eye-catchers and would like to distance yourself from the rest of the crowd? Well then we could have just what you have been looking for so long in vain. In this context, we are talking about granite elements called Multicolour Red, with which you can easily stand out from the crowd and ensure that true eye-catchers are set. Has this awakened your interest? Below you will find all the important information!


Design your own rooms individually

It has rarely been easier to design selected rooms so uniquely that they are perceived as truly unique. With the Multicolour Red variants presented here in more detail, this is easily possible. In addition to a wide range of attractive granite versions, we also offer the option of having the sizes tailored to your needs. This means that you are not forced to have more material than is necessary delivered to you, but can calculate precisely thanks to our broad portfolio of services, which is particularly important when building your own home. Multicolour Red offers you an optimal basis for a visually appealing appearance.


Unique quality for a top-class appearance

Red tones - wherever the eye looks: Multicolour Red is a truly noble stone with an extraordinary look. If you dare, you can lay it throughout the entire living area; if you want to create highlights, you can use it to decorate window sills or a bathroom area. The Multicolour Red guarantees versatility in any case. And if you are not completely sure: Just ask us! Ninos Naturstein & Fliesen will be happy to advise you on your options! By the way, our collection is particularly inexpensive due to the elimination of middlemen. We order our natural stones and tiles directly from the manufacturer and thus ensure an optimum price-performance ratio. Profit with us!


Multicolor Red Granite Tiles polished Premium quality in 61x30,5x1 cm
Size: 61x30,5x1 cm | Surface: Polished

Content: 1.12 m2 (€55.90* / 1 m2)

Variants from €51.90*
Multicolor Red Natural stone worktops