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Natural stone floor tiles

Are you looking for natural stone floor tiles? Look no further! At Ninos Naturstein & Fliesen you are in the right place. We are specialists and have a very large collection of natural stone floor tiles. And we always provide comprehensive advice and guarantee fast delivery for the tiles. With us, you are definitely in the right place when it comes to natural stone floor tiles to install your perfect floor!


Various natural stone floor tiles

We have a very extensive range of natural stone floor tiles. For example: ceramic tiles, marble tiles, composite, slate or travertine. And we have tiles with various finishes, such as matte tiles, polished or semi-polished tiles. There is quite a difference between the types of natural stone floor tiles. For example, marble tiles are completely smooth but travertine tiles have a fairly robust appearance and have a rough finish.


Maintenance of natural stone floor tiles

The maintenance of natural stone floor tiles is very easy. Composite tiles are the easiest to maintain, but there is not a lot of maintenance on the other tiles either. Mopping once in a while is usually enough. In addition, floor tiles with a natural stone look are very durable. The tiles will not show any wear after years and they will not break if something falls on it. Greenery also doesn't affect some natural stone floor tiles, which makes these tiles very attractive to use in a garden.


About Ninos Naturstein & Fliesen

We have a large 600 m2 showroom at Ninos Naturstein & Fliesen just across the border from Germany, in Gronau. And we have 25000 m2 of floor tiles in stock, which means we have a very fast delivery time. We deliver our natural stone floor tiles throughout the Netherlands. Our tiles are always of the best possible quality and we ensure that our prices are reasonable. It is very economical to purchase your natural stone floor tiles from us!


Need more information?

Do you want more information about our natural stone floor tiles or other matters? Contact us by calling + 49 (0) 2562 917171. We always provide extensive telephone consultations. Fill in our contact form or contact us via the live chat on our website!

Order natural stone floor tiles quickly and cheaply at Ninos Naturstein & Fliesen!