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Granite Star Galaxy

A starlit sky in the form of a natural stone: Granite Star Galaxy


Granite Star Galaxy shines like a fairy tale starlit sky and therefore, is a particularly popular stone.

Granite Star Galaxy is also known as Black or Gold Galaxy and is one of the most beautiful natural stones available on the market. Basically, this stone is just the trade name for a gabbro which is much better known. Because of its unique texture and special colour this natural stone is very popular and used both indoors and outdoors.

Granite Star Galaxy is a granular magmatic stone. It was formed deep within the Earth and consists mainly of dark minerals such as pyroxene and olivine. One peculiarity of this gabbro is that it lacks any quartz. Granite Star Galaxy is a black natural stone containing reflective minerals. These look like many little stars and gave the stone its name.

This natural stone is very versatile

Often Granite Star Galaxy is offered as granite because „real“ granite does not exist in dark colour tones. However, this does not diminish the beauty of this stone. The stone’s mechanical properties are very similar to granite. Due to the lack of quartz however, Granite Star Galaxy is not as hard as that hard natural stone. In consequence, it lacks abrasion resistance. You should also be careful if you would like to use it as a kitchen countertop. The glittering specks react to citric acid and may then change. That is why this natural stone is often used as a wall or floor covering. However, if you are a bit careful, you can also enjoy an excitingly sparkling countertop for a long time!

Granite Star Galaxy from India

This unique natural stone is mined mostly in India, the same place from which also Ninos Naturstein & Fliesen derives its varied assortment. Furthermore: we have more than just this black beauty to offer! Our high quality and affordable natural stones also come from China and Spain and enchant on first sight. Due to our control managers on site, we can offer you supreme-quality products for sensationally low prices. Without intermediaries and instead with fast shipping and great customer service. Try it out!

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