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Quartz Composite


Quartz composite - Colourful, versatile and elegant in the house and garden

If you want to embellish your house inside or outside and are looking for a durable, robust material at the same time, then you have come to the right place when choosing a quartz composite!

Quartz composite consists of 93% ground quartz, which is combined with resin binders and finishing additives. The quartz composite produced in this way is extremely durable and can be used flexibly for individual interior and exterior design..

Quartz composite is water-repellent, easy to clean because it is not porous, and almost as hard as granite. It can be supplied in numerous, even rare, colours and colour combinations. Quartz composite looks as exquisite as granite, but is much more adaptable to different applications in terms of colouring and handling: As a robust and at the same time dignified kitchen countertop or as colourful quartz composite tiles in the bathroom, but also as pavement slabs in the garden - beauty, versatility and practicality are no longer contradictory, but complement each other perfectly in this material.

Large range of colours - individual cutting

There are no limits to your design wishes, because quartz composite panels can be matched exactly to your requirements, both in terms of colour and dimensions. Our specialist department takes care of tailor-made solutions for your needs. Quartz composite allows the highest degree of precision and individuality in processing. And: We ensure perfect processing according to your specifications.


High-quality yet affordable

As an experienced natural stone and tile dealer, you receive only carefully selected materials that have passed the practical test. We purchase our versatile assortment directly from the manufacturers, without intermediaries, so that we can offer first-class quality at reasonable prices.

Challenge us! Send us your design wishes and we will send you a non-binding offer.