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The set includes: 
- 1x level in 3cm thickness, dimensions of the stage in cm: 100x35x3 
- 1x setting stage in 2 cm thickness, dimensions of the setting stage in cm: 100x18x2 
- 1x base in 1 cm thickness, dimensions of the base in cm: 61x7x1


Granite stairs: Great appearance for your house

Today, stairs are more than just entrances and exits to cope with differences in height. With their perfectly shaped designs, they have become perfect constructions that can enhance and complete the interior of a house. This is, even more, the case with one of the finest versions: Granite stairs! You need a resistant material that is easy to maintain? A material that can be laid both inside and out and is also resistant to dry cleaning? A material which you can get in many colours and textures and which remains inexpensive despite the individual selection? Then granite stairs are your first choice!

Possible uses of Granite stairs

Granite stairs are important wherever the material is subject to particularly high stress. With their robustness, granite stairs are particularly advantageous in commercial areas with a lot of customer traffic. But the natural product also fits in your own home with its high-quality structure, impressive colours and noble elegance. Due to the large selection of colours with many different nuances in red, grey, blue or brown, you can perfectly match our granite stairs to your home. Also in combination with wood or glass elements you make your granite staircase a real eye-catcher! In addition in the outside area of your garden, you make the right choice with a granite stair. Because: The combination of frost resistance and slip resistance means you are always on safe footing, even in winter!

Customised production - perfect cutting to size

Especially with stairs, everything has to fit down to the last millimetre. Depending on your individual choice of shape and size, we at Ninos Naturstein & Fliesen manufacture your granite stairs exactly to your specifications and ship our high-quality materials throughout Europe. This is how granite stairs that are made to measure are created, which not only take you from one floor to the next but which with their individuality become a real gem in your home.