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Wall facing brick made of natural stone - natural  facing brick, natural optics and best room atmosphere

Natural stone wall tiles from Ninos Naturstein & Fliesen are more than just brick wall tiles. Natural stone wall tiles from our house are natural stones of exquisite beauty, which play around your walls and look for a unique as well as naturally beautiful look. In addition, the fact that natural stones, no matter in which property, which is used in a room, always provide for a better indoor ambience, as industrially produced building materials.


Natural stone tiles made of hard stone - the perfect wall tiles

Natural stone wall bricks made of stone are always something special, a point of attraction for the eye and enhancement of the room, not only in terms of material value but also regarding the sense of well-being in the room itself. We achieve this effect with our natural stone wall tiles quite purposefully and skilfully, since we use only the highest quality for our range of natural stone wall tiles and ensure they have as distinctive as an extremely attractive appearance as possible.

Hence the reason that our natural stone wall tile is one of the absolute bestsellers. These natural stone wall tiles offer the possibility to design your own wall with as much flexibility as possible. Whether it should only be a kind of border made of natural stone tiles or whether the wall tiles made of natural stone should cover the complete wall: The choice is entirely up to you. One thing is clear in any case: whatever your choice, your wall will be a real eye-catcher with these wall tiles.


Wall facing bricks made of stone - because stone knows no boundaries

Wallpapers sometimes reach their limits. In the kitchen, tiles or wall tiles made of natural stone should be preferred, especially in the work area. Also in bathrooms or laundry rooms, wallpapers have nothing lost. But the beauty of natural stone wall tiles is that it makes no difference whether these wall bricks are used in the kitchen, bathroom or living room. Clearly, with a substantially more robust and visually responding feature than wallpapers, one can use natural stone bricks in every conceivable area of the house.