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Viscont White


Beautiful fine crystals: Viscount White


Viscount White Granite, Bianco Viscount White Granite, Viscount White Granite oder Wiskont White Granite: many different names exist for the Viscount White Granite but it is only one unique stone! The fine crystalline gneiss with its off-white colouring is an eye-catcher in every living room. Whether as part of a modern or a classic furnishing: Viscount White Granite creates an enchanting atmosphere in every room!

A Gneiss with a long history

According to petrological characterisation, Viscount White Granite is a gneiss from the Precambrian era, which began about 4.5 billion years ago. A gneiss, such as Viscount White Granite, is formed in high temperature and pressure conditions, leading to a superimposition of the source material by many layers of rock. Therefore, gneiss is located deep inside the earth and has to be mined in quarries. Only rarely may a tectonic shift bring this stone to the surface.

Occurrence and appearance

The distribution of Viscount White Granite is worldwide and it is often found where the old cores of the continents are located. India is a popular mining area for the Viscount White Granite. It mainly consists of feldspar, quartz and mica. The exact composition varies, depending on the origin of the stone. Viscount White Granite is a fine to coarse-grained stone with a layered, slaty or fibrous appearance that easily integrates into various interior styles.  

Application possibilities in interior finishing and garden design

Overall, Viscount White Granite is renowned for its flexibility. It goes well with dark or bright hard stones and looks stylish in combination with wood or glass.

For more information, we are happy to meet you in person at Ninos Naturstein & Fliesen in Gronau. Here, you can have a look around the showroom, take in the individual look and feel of this stone, and come to the right decision. We would be happy to send you a pattern stone, so you can match Viscount White Granite perfectly to your rooms at home.

Viscont White Granite Tiles polished Premium quality in 61x30,5x1 cm
Granite Tiles: 61x30,5x1 cm | Surface: Polished

Content: 1.12 m2 (€51.90* / 1 m2)

Viscont White Natural stone worktops