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Marble window sill

Are you looking for a marble window sill? A marble window sill gives that little extra ambience to your home. You can put your plants on it, and let’s face it, don’t plants look much nicer on a marble window sill than on a simple white windowsill?! Ninos Natuursteen is the place to be for your marble window sill! We have beautiful marble window sills in stock. All are made of natural stone. The advantages of this are that natural stone is a strong material and is therefore ideally suited as a material for a window sill. All marble stones are carefully selected by us, and therefore of excellent quality! Our marble window sills give your home a whole new look!


Marble window sill in various designs

With Ninos Natuursteen, your ideal marble window sill is quickly found. We offer marble window sills in various designs. If you are looking for a gray / white marble window sill, then our Bianco Carrara window sill is definitely for you! Or do you prefer browning? Then consider our Jura Gelb window sill. At Ninos Natuursteen you have plenty of choices!


A competitive price guaranteed!

You might think that marble window sills are quite expensive, right? Certainly not. All marble window sills that you can find on our website are all very competitively priced. On the Ninos Natuursteen website, you can find all the marble window sills that we have in our range quite easily. And if you have any questions about our products, you can always contact our experts. They can tell you exactly what size of marble window sill you need to create a beautiful window sill.


Ninos Natuursteen

At Ninos Natuursteen you will find the most diverse and unique types of natural stone. Are you looking for marble window sills, natural stone countertops or stone strips? With us, you will find it all! Ninos Natural Stone always guarantees you the best quality natural stone. We have a showroom of 600m² where you can see all our products and a huge stock of 25000m². Ninos Natural Stone is based in Essen and Gronau (Westphalia). So you can easily reach us. Or would you prefer to have your order shipped? That's certainly possible! Ninos Natuursteen uses various shipping costs. These costs depend on the number of kg of natural stone in your order and in which country you reside. If you need help or advice about choosing the ideal batches of tiles for you, you can always request a telephone consultation. Ninos Natuursteen is happy to answer all your questions!


Place your order today!

Have you been able to find a beautiful marble windowsill that you want to place as soon as possible? Order it today at Ninos Natuursteen! Or do you still have questions about our products? Then please contact us. Ninos Natuursteen is happy to assist you!